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Organizational Growth and Expansion, How?
Lately I've wondered about how to make growth in an organization, how organizations grow?, I thought setting a more aggressive marketing plan in which the analysis of places, markets, local taxes, utilities, security and all other variables that an evaluation in a business, but how?, that's where my research begins in different media and that is where I tell you how important I have found,
What I want in growth?
An interesting question, but can you be surprised at the responses may have different business and that is what they do is among many things:
Making investments in advertising towering
Investing in local and adjustments
To source new premises
I want to make clarification of the above alternatives, I'm not against them, however, as we said in previous publications, is not the method or the tool or action taken, but many entrepreneurs want to grow and some of the above strategies do not meet the desired results of growth despite how well structured they have made ... and then? ...
The answer as many of the post raised above regarding organizational changes is given in a single reply, which I have concluded, that if without a statistical basis or backing and a formal study is that organizations do not have a scheme SYSTEM.

The answer for the expansion is in the system?
Actually, I think yes. My reasoning, based on something I've envisioned. An organization if you want to expand,
Should be doubled its operating model, as many times as desired.
The System must include a schedule for if this self-multiplication. That is, since its inception, the organization grow by itself and not under impulses which can be expensive.
The system must devise a scheme that operates under a scheme PULL (driven by the same demand and market conditions) and low PUSH scheme (impulado by the desire to grow their own or in new markets).
Do not know if that's the answer, but many business owners should think about how to establish an "architecture" of business, which lets you do this, you would not believe from the beginning that if organizations is displayed, it would be easier to manage and grow by themselves, supported of course by the Directorate?.

In fact I thought that organizations should have as a reference nature. Yes, Nature, if you visualize the points made above about the system as an element for growth, let the plants: water must review its growth, remove the "weeds" that can affect their growth, they use the sun to guide growth, but we have to beg and over-strive to grow. This means that the plant itself grows, alone, should help her manage it, but do not push or force it, all for that since its perfect design, comes with a systemic approach (so is the nature of sap).
So why not envision this to be able to expand?, Why not contemplate models which can "grow themselves", but require management?. An interesting reflection ... Whatever the secret formula, I do not know, but there are specific cases where the organizations that have a clear, have been given the opportunity to grow widely throughout the world. Now I ask you, ¿What do you think?